Program Management

The Head Start and Early Head Start central offices are located at 501 Westfield Place in Jasper, Tennessee. If you have any questions about the Head Start or Early Head Start program that your center staff is not able to answer (or if you just have concerns about the program), please feel free to contact any of the following staff members at 1-800-762-8432.

Our Team

Elaine Duke

Chief Operating Officer/Director

Christy Vandergriff

Amanda Gass

Human Resources, SHRM

Misty May

Payroll Specialist

James Steffes

Finance Officer

Juanita Hall

Education Manager

Kelly Barrett

Early Head Start Coordinator/Mentor Coach

Paula Garner

Special Populations Mentor Coach

Julie Tiller

Family and Community

Partnership Manager

Jamie Burnette

Health, Safety, Transportation Manager

Candy Hudson

ERSEA Specialist

Shelia Beard

Mental Health Specialist

Peggy Long

Fiscal Assistant

Amanda Cantrell

Social/Emotional Mentor Coach

Debbie Quinn

Food Program Specialist

Melissa Moreno

Program Analyst

Randy Smith

Information Technology

Dee Harwood

Registered Dietitian

Jennifer Moeltner

VISTA Worker

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The mission of Sequatchie Valley Head Start is to create a nurturing place where children, families and staff can work through community partnerships to exceed Head Start's national goals.


HEAD START 3-5 yrs