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We heard you! New resources are headed your way all year long!

In our parent survey, parents asked for help in finding ways to support their child’s good behavior and for ways help to improve their response when their child behaved inappropriately.

Below are just a few tips and tricks from our wonderful parenting curriculum that you can use at home.

 Talk to your Family Service Worker about signing up for free classes, supportive text messages and special Facebook groups.

The Beauty of a Good Rule

The Beauty of a Good Rule

Feeling out of control? Is your home in chaos? Learn how to set rules and limits for your child to protect them and to save your peace of mind.

Routines that say, "I love you"

Routines that say, "I love you"

Always late getting out the door? Trouble getting your kid to bed? Learn to create routines for morning and bedtime along with how to transition your child from one activity to another with ease.

The "When and Then" Rule

The "When and Then" Rule

Having trouble getting your child to do something that he doesn’t want to do? Feel like you have hit a brick wall.? The “When and Then” Rule is for you!

The ACT Method

The ACT Method

Does your child have a challenging behavior? The ACT method can help you to replace the behavior with a positive one. Turn that frown upside down.

Supporting Positive Behaviors

Supporting Positive Behaviors

Tantrums, biting, screaming, Oh my!  Learn how to deal with temper tantrums like a pro. Got a biter?   Want to know what to do?


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