We want all of our children to be successful in life as they move through school and later into jobs and have families of their own. Our goal is to help your child by working to build their self-confidence and their development of good social skills.  We know that the mastery of these skills will positively affect the child’s ability to succeed in school.

Head Start staff work toward the goal of social and emotional school readiness in partnership with local professionals and other programs in the following ways:  

  • planning activities that are matched to children’s needs and abilities
  • assisting all children to feel good about themselves, to get along with others, and to manage their own behavior
  • providing services to help children with disabilities
  • providing an environment of acceptance and respect for all children
  • giving children the opportunity to develop social skills
  • providing help for individual children to manage stressful situations and events
  • reinforcing children’s development of age appropriate self-control skills

If you need mental health information, please contact Paula Garner or Shelia Beard at 1-800-762-8432 or 423-939-1005, or let your family worker know. Other mental health resources are listed in your Resource Guide, and each center keeps a list of additional support groups and other resources.

Our mental health professional, Sheila Beard, visits our centers to observe the classrooms, to provide guidance for staff – and she is also available to meet with parents either in person on or the phone upon request.

Paula Garner, MA
Special Populations Manager/Mentor

Shelia Beard, LPC/MHSP
Mental Health & Wellness Professional


The mission of Sequatchie Valley Head Start is to create a nurturing place where children, families and staff can work through community partnerships to exceed Head Start's national goals.


HEAD START 3-5 yrs