Child Guidance

The goals of child guidance are to assist children in developing self-control and help them learn to engage in socially acceptable behaviors.

Consistent Discipline

Adults will model, coach and encourage ways to discipline children that are fair, consistent and respectful of children and their needs.

We never use corporal punishment or harsh, unkind language.

Sample Classroom Rules

✓ Be Safe
This includes things like:
•Use Walking feet.
•Use soft touches.
•Keep feet on the ground.

✓ Be Kind
This includes things like:
•Share toys.
•Use kind words.
•Use inside voices.

✓ Be Respectful
This includes things like:
•Clean up your messes.
•Help friends who are in need.
•Listen when adults are talking.

Clear Rules

Simple and understandable rules are established at the beginning of the year with input from children when possible. What we expect from children – and what the limits of their behavior should be – are clearly defined.  Rules are stated so that children hear what we want them to do rather than what not to do – for example “Walking feet” rather than “Don’t run!”


Possible Consequences

1. Redirection

2. Choosing from two teacher directed choices

3. Sit and watch

4. Loss of privileges

We never use physical actvity or food as a reward or punishment.


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