Active Parenting

Your child’s first few years are so important! Learn how to make the most of them with Active Parenting: First Five Years, a program for parents and other caregivers. Active Parenting: First Five Years is a research-based and Proven Effective parenting curriculum. This course will show you how to nurture your child with a “just right” combination of freedom and nonviolent discipline. Millions of parents have achieved success with Active Parenting—and you can, too!


Video, discussion, and activities make for a fast-paced workshop.


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Session I: You and Your Child

  • Styles of parenting
  • Ages and stages of development
  • Building a bond with your child
  • The method of choice

Session II: Preventing Problems

  • Your child’s beautiful brain
  • Using nonviolent discipline
  • The “A-C-T” of parenting

Session III: Encouraging Positive Behavior

  • The power of encouragement
  • Choices and consequences
  • Caring for the caregiver

Session IV: Preparing for School Success

  • 6 smart things parents can do to help young children get ready for school
  • Mindful parenting
  • Building the family bond


Parents will be able to participate in a variety of ways.

In a fun group during two 90-minute sessions

One-on-one at a center or during a home visit or parent conference.

You will also be able to participate in the program independently, using a phone or computer while working along in a parenting workbook.


The mission of Sequatchie Valley Head Start is to create a nurturing place where children, families and staff can work through community partnerships to exceed Head Start's national goals.


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