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Planned Language Approach – The Big 5

This webinar series provides strategies for implementing the Planned Language Approach’s (PLA) Big 5 for ALL. The PLA is a comprehensive, systemic, research-based way for Head Start, Early Head Start, and child care programs to ensure optimal language and literacy services for children who speak English and who are dual language learners (DLLs). Children need high-quality experiences in each of the Big 5: Alphabet Knowledge and Early Writing; Background Knowledge; Book Knowledge and Print Concepts; Oral Language and Vocabulary; and Phonological Awareness. Review the development trajectory for these skills in children ages birth to age 5.

Heart Math Institute - Free

Heart Math Institute

This training is referenced in Session 3 of the Conscious Discipline Webinar Series.  

Barbara Kaiser Webinar

Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Behavior

Watch the webinar at the link above.  

CCR&R Trainings

Webinar Based Training

Taking into consideration the recommendations of the CDC to practice “social distancing”, the CCR&R has made the decision to stop all face to face trainings to include CPR certification, coaching and technical assistance visits through April 30, 2020.  In order to meet your training, coaching and technical assistance needs, the CCR&R will be offering online training through webinars. This online platform will allow you to virtually “attend” the training from anywhere across the state. Due to their online nature, all individuals will register from a single calendar, as they are not regional. 

CDA Seekers

Quorum CDA Training

Juanita Hall will need to add you to the Quorum site. Look for an email inviting you to join Quorum from the site.

Nutrition Video (1 Hour)

Covid –19 How to Stay Healthy 

Dr. Mike Hollie explains how can we stay healthy in the midst of this pandemic crisis.

Nutrition Training (1 hour)

CACFP Inservice Training 2019

This training can be opened and printed for nutrition workers without technology.

Nutrition Training - Research Resources to Share with Parents

Super Healthy Kids – Healthy Eating


This website has many articles and videos that Nutrition Workers can research and share with families. 

California Online Early Childhood Online

Ready Now


California Early Childhood Online

Staff must sign up as a new user. Follow instructions on the site. Hundreds of hours of training.

The modules provided on the California Early Childhood Online (CECO) Web site enable teachers to increase content knowledge and ability to provide developmentally appropriate experiences for children in their care. Meeting the developmental needs of young children and their families requires a comprehensive approach. CECO provides access to comprehensive resources and modules in one centralized location to meet the ever-changing needs of the early childhood field.

*This includes 8 modules on DRDP and a Rater Reliabilty Test- Required for all Teacher and Assistants

List of available training. 

Conscious Discipline Podcast Series

Ready Now:

Dr. Becky Bailey Podcast (15-60 min)

Dr Bailey has many, many podcasts available online.These are listen only and could be great to listen to as you are completing other tasks. You can get these via the link above or through iTunes. 

ChildPlus Learning Series

Ready Now:

ChildPlus Learning Library

We now have a 12-month access subscription to the ChildPlus Learning Library.  Access is open to all employees, so if you are a manager, and you would like to assign certain webinars to your FSWs or teachers, I encourage you to do so.  You may find benefit in watching some of the webinars together during cohort meetings. We will all share one username and password. (This is one time sharing is okay.)

The username is:  TNSOSEQ

The password is:  RhZAYCc*

Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC)

Ready Now

Early Learning Standards Series

Some of these training sessions have a very short video explaining the concept and the resources. The resources below the video may be opened and reviewed for training. You may count up to 1-hour hour for each of these training sessions as long as you read the attached PPT and other documents.


Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Simulation

Okay to repeat if you have already completed.

Health, Mental Health, and Nutrition Trainings

Head Start Leadership Series

Great for team leaders and office management. 

Data in Head Start and Early Head Start Series 

How To Get the ECLKC App

You can also download the ECLKC App. Click here for instructions.

ECLKC Front Porch Series

Ready Now

Front Porch Broadcast Series

This contains 8 years of exceptional webinar from the Nation’s leading experts on Early Childhood Education. Explore this excellent collection of early childhood development resources for teachers and administrators. These are my favorites!

ECLKC Teacher Time Series

Infant/Toddler Effective Practice Series

These episodes focus on supporting infants’ and toddlers’ development and learning through all the elements of the Framework for Effective Practice, or House Framework.

Preschool Effective Practice Series

These episodes focus on supporting preschoolers’ development and learning through all the elements of the Framework for Effective Practice, or House Framework.

Little Scientists: Exploring STEAM,

Birth to 5 

Infant/Toddler and Preschool Teacher Time episodes focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) concepts and skills. Learn about the STEM components and explore how art supports them. Explore strategies and teaching practices that help infants, toddlers, and preschoolers develop creativity, reasoning, problem-solving, and language and communication skills. The series has eight episodes—four for infant/toddler teachers and family child care providers and four for preschool teachers and family child care providers.

Implementing Curriculum in a Responsive Environment,

Birth to 5

Each episode in the 2016–17 Teacher Time series includes separate presentations for infant and toddler and preschool teachers and family child care providers. The infant/toddler series focuses on implementing curriculum in a responsive learning environment. The preschool series offers tips for making classrooms more culturally and linguistically responsive by building the curriculum and instructional decision-making around children’s knowledge, skills, and interests.

Preschool Series 

These episodes focus on making classrooms more culturally and linguistically responsive. Discover how to build curricula and instructional decision-making around preschool children’s knowledge, skills, and interests.

Magellan Healthcare Webinars - For All Staff

Magellan Webinar Calendar 

This is the webinar calendar for Magellan EAP, our new assistance program.  

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Learning

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Learning 

We give educators, service providers, and families tools to prepare them to educate, support, and care for individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Bookmark this page and make return visits to watch for new types of learning opportunities.

Center on the Developing Child - Harvard University

Serve and Return 

What is “serve and return”? What does it mean to have a “responsive relationship” with a child? How do responsive relationships support healthy brain development? And what can parents and caregivers do in their day-to-day lives to build these sorts of relationships? This episode of The Brain Architects podcast addresses all these questions and more!

Center on the Developing Child - Harvard University

Serve and Return 

What is “serve and return”? What does it mean to have a “responsive relationship” with a child? How do responsive relationships support healthy brain development? And what can parents and caregivers do in their day-to-day lives to build these sorts of relationships? This episode of The Brain Architects podcast addresses all these questions and more!

Head Start and the Fight Against Substance Abuse

The Impact of Substance Use on Children and Families Webinar Series

Spearheaded by the Office of Head Start, this three-part webinar series explores the effects of opioids on exposed infants and children. Learn how programs support children and families impacted by opioid and other substance use disorders. Find out about substance use, substance use treatment in pregnancy, and strategies to treat infants experiencing Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) and Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS). Discover ways to connect families with appropriate community services.


Impact of Substance Abuse

Head Start and the Opioid Crisis: Video Series

Head Start partners with many organizations and agencies to support children and families impacted by the opioid crisis.  This video series provides an overview of the Head Start Program and the services Head Starts provides to families; highlights the work of Head Start in supporting families impacted by substance use disorder; and offers insight into families impacted by opioid and substance use disorder and their journey to recovery. The videos will help people and programs familiarize themselves with the work of Head Start and to understand the array of support services Head Start provides. These videos will also assist Head Start staff to see how they can support children and families impacted by substance use disorder.


The Opioid Crisis

Book Study Instructions

If you need to work from home and have unreliable internet or are otherwise interested in doing a book study, books have been provided to some centers and more are available at the office.  You will read the book and complete the following tasks.

Pretend you are going to teach this class to a group of your peers:

Task 1:  Outline each chapter of the book.  Highlight the following items:

  • Something you found interesting.
  • Something you disagreed with.
  • Something you want to try or add.
  • Any interesting words you found – and give us the definition.

Task 2:  Create three discussion questions for each chapter.

Task 3:  Create a project for your peers to complete related to your book. (A slideshow, an essay, be creative!)

Task 4:  Complete the project 

When you have completed all these tasks, you can turn in your work in the shared google drive folder, or email it to Kelly or Juanita.  

If you have any questions, please let us know! 

Family Service Worker Training Opportnities

2019 Tax Credits and Free Tax Preparation Services for Families with Low Income

Read Income Tax informaiton here. 

Conversations with Families About Living Experiences and Housing Goals

Families experiencing homelessness may have stressors that require special attention, understanding, and sensitivity. Head Start staff are often in a position to talk with families about their living situation. In this second webinar, explore strategies and resources programs can use to support related professional development.

Family Engagement and Transition to Kindergarten

The transition to kindergarten can be a time of great excitement and joy for everyone involved. For children, it is an opportunity to learn new things, master new skills, and feel proud that they are going to kindergarten. For families, it can bring a sense of delight as their children reach another milestone. For Head Start staff and receiving schools, it is a great time for collaboration, coordination, and joint planning.

When early childhood education (ECE) programs and schools actively engage families in their child’s transition to kindergarten, and when they are responsive to families’ efforts to participate in these transitions, families show increased involvement during the kindergarten year (Schulting, Malone, and Dodge, 2005).

Explore this collection of resources and videos to find the latest information about the importance of engaging families and partnering with them in the transition to kindergarten.






Introducing the Economic Mobility Tooklit

Explore the Economic Mobility Toolkit for Head Start and Early Head Start. Find out how it can boost your efforts to integrate economic mobility work into your program. Learn about ways programs can set goals and build staff capacity to support the economic mobility goals of families.

Text4Family Services

Text4FamilyServices is a messaging service that supports the work of Head Start and Early Head Start programs’ family services staff. 


The mission of Sequatchie Valley Head Start is to create a nurturing place where children, families and staff can work through community partnerships to exceed Head Start's national goals.


HEAD START 3-5 yrs