What do our Families Say About Us? 

The results of our Spring 2019 Family Outcomes Survey are here!

You love us and we love you!laughing

We asked our Head Start and Early Head Start families, “Please tell us how your family has benefited from our program.”

Here is what families had to say about Sequatchie Valley Head Start.

Kids Bank Early Head Start Family of the Month: Zoey Godsby pictured with Grandmother, Sheryl Godsby and Teachers, Kim Wooden (Left) and Ashley Bradford (Right). Ms. Godsby writes, “My granddaughter loves playing with the other children. She loves her teachers- Ms Kim and Ms. Ashley. Early Head Start has provided me with childcare and I have been able to go to work part-time.” 

The program has helped to show us a hundred ways to support my child’s emotional well-being and behavior. The program has been awesome for my son both emotionally and academically.

A Supported Parent

The program has been a loving, safe, and stimulating environment for our foster child. I love how his teacher love him on him.

Pleased Foster Parents

The program has helped my child and other children with speech and language delays. The program has allowed me the opportunity to work. My son has improved so much. We love you all!


A Working Mom

The hours were great for me and allowed me the opportunity to attend GED classes. My daughter has learned so much!




My daughter died at the beginning of the school year leaving me to care for my granddaughter. She needed a lot of extra help (love and support). She is doing great now. She looks up to her teachers and talks about them all the time. I appreciate all you have done for my family. Looking forward to next year.

A Grandmother Raising a Grandchild


The mission of Sequatchie Valley Head Start is to create a nurturing place where children, families and staff can work through community partnerships to exceed Head Start's national goals.


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